UCL Draws : Big F****** Germans Again??

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We go to Bayern again early in the Champions league knockout stages due largely to our failing to get a point at Naples. Considering where we finished it was always going to be hard draw for us, agreed to win the competition you would have to beat the best teams in Europe at some stage in the competition but I would rather play a team where the odds of us getting through are higher.

Speaking with a few Gooners there seemed to be an acceptance of the draw because it meant if you crashed out its best to go out against the best team in Europe and then focus on domestic affairs which in truth we have a better chance of winning but I feel just being in the Champions league has some psychological effect on the players especially when they go to smaller grounds, maybe a few players would have the mentality of ‘we are a champions league side and we should go to grounds like these and get a result’, the longer you stay in the champions league also makes you more attractive to the world class players we would want to see at our club. Top players love to play in the Champions league but Top Top players would want to play in sides that compete for major trophies rather than just show up in the tournament.

Bayern would be very tough; you would think there was nothing to improve on after their amazing run last season but Pep has stamped his print on the team and the results are showing. We also have improved since the last time we beat them and we wouldn’t have been first choice for any team that finished top of their group. Can we get a result against them, I think we can where I fear is if the result will be good enough to see us through to the next round.

Away from the draws, one of the sufferings of supporting a football club outside your country is the fact that you have to live with tweets like ‘off to the game’, tweet pics of match tickets, intense discussions on tickets prices or atmosphere at the Emirates or just the joys of being an away fan in a huge European ground. I don’t think proximity to the ground makes one a bigger fan but if we had a choice we would all rather be at the Emirates cheering our team on. Just after the draws were released top Gooner @DarrenArsenal tweeted this

  and less than two hours after I had this conversation with @1Walid1

In just over two hours the cost of a flight ticket has increased over 150% just because there is a sudden huge demand by Arsenal fans that would be willing to travel. How come everyone looks for how to milk football fans, milked by the clubs, milked by players, milked by hotels, milked by airlines, milked by TV subscriptions, milked by everybody involved in watching a game?  Everything is going nice then Arsenal think it’s the best time to increase ticket prices by 3%. Learnt from an excellent post on the issue by @Legroove that the club stands to make 2.8m pounds from it, 2.8m really? Can’t Arsenal really do without it? He goes further to talk about how the club would rather get it from fans than sponsors. Just goes to show how in a capitalist economy everyone is looking for how to get the most from a consumer and fans of football clubs are not exempted.

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Out of curiosity I tried to work out how much it would cost me to watch the Bayern game live travelling from Nigeria .

Flight Information Flying Egypt Air (Economy Class)
    Murtala Muhammed International Airport(LOS) Franz Josef Strauss(MUC) Depart: 17-Feb
    Franz Josef Strauss(MUC) Murtala Muhammed International Airport(LOS) Return: 19-Feb

The cheapest deal I got which included Flight, Hotel  (single room), Taxes and Fees costs $1054, BOOM!!! Converting to Nigerian Naira @ an exchange rate of N160 to a dollar it comes to N168,640.00k for one adult excluding feeding, taxi around Munich, booze and all other unnecessary things tourists do. Not bad right for a huge champions league game?

Glad we are in the Champions league, would rather play this every year than the awful Europa Cup, we might crash out, we just might not in any case it’s for nights like these that we love The Arsenal, hopefully we put on a sterling performance we can all be proud of.

Quickly on happenings on the other side of North London, Daniel Levy and his media machine thought the best way to get into the Champions League draw media buzz was to announce the sacking of their manager. There is no way on earth that it was coincidental, it was timed for that purpose and it achieved its ambition. Lost count of how many times I heard Spurs just after the Bayern vs Arsenal game was talked about, was almost like the sports casters chose to announce our game last so there is a sync to the Spurs bit of the news

Caster : …….and finally Bayern play Arsenal in a repeat of last’s years second round encounter which saw Arsenal get a result in Germany but still crash out of the tournament by goals difference. This surely is one of the biggest draws of the night and in a related development, Spurs a short while ago have announced the sacking of their manager Andre Villas Boas………bla bla bla

Seriously? Related development? Do they have to work so hard to forever be in our shadow? Spurs are just like that distant cousin everybody has and loves to hate, keep hanging around you and there is nothing you can do about it. That being said am I the only one who feels bad AVB is out? As a man I liked him to be honest, I think he has the potentials to be a good coach, maybe not in England and with less scrutiny from the press until he matures enough to handle it and he sure needs a lesson on how to spend 100million pounds. Doesn’t Daniel Levy have some blame in all of these? He just doesn’t sit there with his glasses and shiny head looking like a lost alien and exempt himself from spending all the Bale money on journey men from almost every country in Europe right?

Have a great night or day dependent on when you reading this.  Lets interact on our comments section on anything from the Champions League draws, travelling to Germany or AVB .

Till next time, keep the Canon in your heart!

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