Stronger Together as Arsenal Prediction League Resumes


Howdy friends, slowing coming back from my exam and work imposed exile from blogging.  With loads of quality Arsenal stuff out there I won’t fool myself that I was missed. Anyways, to more entertaining stuff as  after all the heart pumping activities of the past weeks, the signings, the trip to America, the pictures from Austria and the Emirates Cup, there seems to have been a dip with the Arsenal related news. Not many people are happy with the fact that we didn’t win the Emirates Cup but by the truth is after the first few games of the season, the only thing you might care to remember about the competition is Yaya Sanogo’s goals, his worm like dance afterwards and his Gerrad like slip.

You would think Arsenal fans would have grown thick skin over the years but getting incensed over rival fans jibes about not winning the Emirates Cup has shown that we haven’t.  Sometimes, I wonder why it is so hard to ignore. A Chelsea fan decides to act like a Chelsea fan and drops a jibe about Arsenal not winning its own cup and you get angry and start a long tirade of abuse, seriously can it be that hard to ignore stupidity when you see it? How else would you explain the fact that Arsenal has signed a player of the quality of Alexis Sanchez and fans would still go into non-stop arguments over the Chavs signing Didier Drogba, comparing him to Thierry Henry…seriously??

The bracket we are shopping from is exciting, as a fan the feeling is reminiscent of how it felt watching Arsenal games growing up. My friend @theOHbee and I would go into bar, get a single drink  each and sit in the smoke filled section, sip on that drink for 90minutes because we wanted to watch the game. Always filled with jealously towards the rich older men who strolled into the air-conditioned exclusive section, ordered the best drinks and enjoyed the game on large screens. (I skipped the bit about the ladies they came with, told you guys the Mrs. reads the blog, I am a saint in her eyes) .Thankfully, we can afford to watch the game anywhere we want now and Arsenal is shopping from the exclusive section of talented players.  The Puma money seems to be working!!!

If you follow us on twitter you would have noticed our fascination with the catch phrases for the PUMA deal with Arsenal. #StrongerTogether,  #FutureForeverVictorious. Whoever came up with those words at the PUMA office needs a pay rise. They give everyone a collective will to succeed and if you know a thing or two about brand identity, it wouldn’t be difficult to see how a simple brand refresh can have a deep change in an organizations behaviour.  The Partnership with PUMA surely feels like we are #StrongerTogether and hopefully it turns into making our #FutureForeverVictorious.

Football is back, at least we are guaranteed some quality games starting this weekend with the Community Shield and then the league starts. With the world cup it’s almost like football never stopped. So we are starting a new season of the CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction League, if you have played before you already know how exciting it is, practically my favourite bit of running this website.

Everyone plays some fantasy football league or the other but this is quite different and available to only Arsenal fans. It’s simple and fun, basically after registration you login before every Arsenal game to predict the scores and who you think the first Arsenal goal scorer would be and you earn points. Points are accumulated like a regular league table and we have cool prizes (jerseys, caps, scarfs and cash rewards) from our sponsors www.jerseynmore.

The league is split into two sessions with the first ending in January and the second ending in May 2015. At both points we declare a winner but we have monthly prizes for the most improved player for the month. So if you are our monthly winner you get an original Arsenal replica jersey from @jerseynmore , for Arsenal fans outside Nigeria you get the value of the jersey credited to your PayPal accounts. Cool stuff yea??

So let’s play then

To register to play click here

To read all the rules click here

Competition starts with the first league game of the season against Crystal Palace. Congratulations to last season’s winner @Dr_Odah, who won strangely on the back of an amazing run he had when he kept predicting Arsenal loses when we had our bad patch.

One of the joys of social media is the interaction and the ability to connect with fans all around the world. I remember, when Arsenal beat Wigan in the FA Cup semi-finals, I was so excited I tweeted that I wanted to share my joys with fans across the world. I got so many numbers via Direct Messages on twitter and I spoke with fans from South Africa, Ireland, Nigeria and Ghana.  Aside from the accents, everything was the same, the joys, the opinion on the club, the fact we were in the finals etc, was one of my happiest moments as an Arsenal fan as it was very spontaneous.

The same feeling happened when I asked for help from an Arsenal fan with twitter handle @ididnotseethat, what an amazing fella. We needed advert designs for the prediction league and he immediately accepted my request to help with the design and in less than 3 hours we had this wonderful work free of any charge. I do not want to go into how we had been charged for this design by several folks but I would love to say a huge thank you to him. Please do give him a follow @ididnotseethat, doesn’t tweet much but he makes lovely Arsenal edits on twitter.


You see one fella helping another fella irrespective of location, who says we can’t have world peace one day. J . Have a nice day buddies, comments appreciated, remember to register to play the league and invite your friends too.


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  1. Ross Tommey

    He’s back – and it’s back! Now that I’ve lulled you all into a false sense of security I’m going to win this t’ing!

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