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From my one year experience blogging about Arsenal, I have learnt that the easiest posts to write are the ones after an Arsenal loss. For many reasons, top most of which is you are angry and looking for where to express it, the words never fail you, there are over a thousand ways to write about how you feel when you are hurt. Another reason is that the sequence of events that lead to the defeat are usually almost the same, injuries, managers tactics, awful defending etc so you basically have to combine those adjectives in a varied number of ways and you have 1000 words to describe how hurt you feel.

From a results only basis, is losing to Dortmund in Germany a really bad thing? I don’t think so, when they were at the peak of their powers they hammered Real Madrid a few seasons ago, but they key phrase there was ‘peak of their powers”, they do not have Lewandoski anymore and they have an injury list just as bad as ours, still the manner in which we were defeated ranked topmost on the list of most despicable Arsenal defeats.

It was complete shambolic performance from the whole team so there really isn’t a need to go into individual player performances. It was shit, the game was shit, the score line was shit, forgive my language but in a bid to watch the game I tried to leave the office early, got stuck in a nearly 2 hour standstill traffic, decided to turn back to watch the game at a bar with the Mrs, and after the game I still faced an hour thirty minutes traffic which meant I got home at about 11.00pm. Writing this from work at 6am again so you can imagine how pissed I would be. Then imagine the fans that actually paid hard-earned money for the game, flight tickets and hotel bills to watch this….they deserve a refund.

An important question to ask would be if Stan Kroenke watched the game last night. What did he think of it? Did he invite a few friends over, open some fine glasses and watched his team play? I am more inclined to think he didn’t, what do you think? Or even if he did, he might just rule it out as one of those bad days in the office but the truth is all through this season the only enjoyable football we have played was the first 30 minutes against Manchester City. The rest have been a pain to the eye.

Did Gazidis watch this? I love Gazidis to be honest, and I really do not think he has a say on any core footballing matter. Every time he addresses the fans he is eloquent, says the right things knowing fully well he has no power on the events that would have happened last night. The PUMA deal was magnificent considering we signed it when we hadn’t even won a trophy in 9 years. I’m sure he would have looked at the game yesterday and said to himself, Wenger just keeps making my job harder.

Did Wenger watch this? Oh sure he did. At least we have evidence of this, but there is a deeper question here. Was Wenger really watching? You know how there is difference between listening and hearing, the fact that you are looking across green grass with 22 players and one ref running around it might not really translate to watching because if you see a performance like that and you are happy with the decisions you have made to bring us to this level then my friends, therein lies a very big problem.

If you are a reader of Arseblog, I wonder who isn’t , then you would have known even since last season when we had three center backs he kept going on about how it wasn’t enough, it’s even worse now. The manager himself admitted we needed some more bodies there and we would do business before the close of the window. At what point did he decide to rule himself out of purchasing one, when he saw how great Calum was? Even that left us with just three. I tweeted on Sunday about how affected we were at right back by Debuchy’s injury and I quickly got a lot of Hector Bellerin responses. I love Hector, how can you not like a guy with such a lovely first name but my response was, are you really comfortable throwing such a young lad to the dogs in a high pressure game? The result was evident for all to see and we were lucky Reus wasn’t playing, it would have been worse.

Wenger responding to criticism of Ozil’s performance against Man City was that if you watch the game again you would see how magnificent Ozil is. Fair enough, at least now we know he watches games over and over. He would really need to re-watch this one and ask himself some questions as to why we struggle so hard to get into this competition and then do absolutely nothing to win it.

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11 thoughts on “Questions, Questions and More Questions – Arsenal

  1. Ross Tommey

    I actually find that writing something immediately after the fact an un-cathartic process. It is too wrapped up in the emotion of it all especially after a defeat; more so when that defeat is wrapped up in a dismal performance.

    I am increasingly finding myself in the position of apologist or Arsenes spin doctor! But when you need a washing machine on a 1500rpm cycle to clean up a performance like that even I’m likely to fail.

    All you can do is move on. Put it behind you and expect what we have to perform in the next game. The old cliches that there are no easy games come true again on Saturday as we face the Villains of Birmingham. They are in form, are now expert at parking the bus and are at home. We are woefully short of form, ail miserable at overtaking parked buses and don’t seem to have any travel sickness pills in the medical bag.

    I think I’m going to need a new washing machine soon!

  2. otunba femi

    Hi, there is no need wasting time on the subject. It is time Arsenal as a club do a makeover of its management, starting with Wenger and upwards to its board as need be.

    The problem is not just technical/footballing but also one of business/management and the powers that be for now are comfortable with the status quo. So how can we expect any different?

    Wenger is past his best in my opinion. A fine manager in times past but its time to move on. Maybe give him a honorary board appointment of some sort and let in new blood.

    Time for us to get dynamic as a club and dust ourselves up..

  3. Odah

    I love Wenger and I’m really ecstatic when he is but I love Arsenal more. I’ve resigned a long time ago to just keep loving the team despite results and although it still hurts so bad after a dismal performance (which is the norm now) I easily recover. Mourinho (sorry to mention that name here) has proven that success is gotten by identifying loop holes and filling them. Wenger sees obvious loop holes and jumps over them. The cycle continues. We will still continue to flop against big sides and struggle for wins against small sides. Wenger must go not cos he’s not good or we don’t love him but because he has refused to change.

    1. Olayinka

      Odah,u r spot on wit d reference u made,love him or hate him,Jose knows his game..chelsea had a problem wit d link btw defence and attack,dy also had a problem wit getting goals…boom! What did he do?get ‘our own’ Fabregas and Costa,top cream d whole tin he brot thibaut and filipe in..problem solved!why cant we have dt kinda decisive changes?letting go of pple dt dont add up,gettig in wat we need! Bt NO! What did he do lik u rightly said,he side-stepped/jumped over d loophole,forgetting dt we wld still come back to crash into d same loophole…smh..i agree wit u mate,we wld stick wit d team wat ever d case is,sadly we r used to abysmal lacklustre performances now,we all tell ourselves ”on to the next game”…im just weak and tired! I cldnt even watch or listen to any sports review show ds morning..stayed away frm social media also…see where we found ourselves….sigh

  4. Olayinka

    I totally agree with Ross,Femi,Dozie….i am tired!…the level of stubborness and lack of concern adds to my frustration,im not a manager(tho im almost an addict of d game football manager),i saw d cracks in ds team,we all saw it…yes the FA cup put a temporary cover on the problems we have but i am not in anyway convinced that d problems js went away…thruout the transfer window,i kept asking for 3basic individuals after our initial purchases: a moderate defender,a top quality DM,and a BIG BIG OUT and OUT Centre Forward,bt wat did i get?Welbeck!i dont even have a problem wit him,i know Danny wld come good..once he settles in to our style(wat our style is now i have no idea)..but the other 2requirements was right in our face last night…i shodder wit the tot of facing ‘the top teams’…using d dortmund game as an example-dy have as much injuries as we do,if not worse!we were up against 2pacy strikers immobile and pierre,wat did AW put out?arteta and per,both were beaten for pacy all night long!i was stunned!..d issue of Ozil also frustrates me(prolly more dn Özil himself),d lad is 42m for a reason,its not a must to accommodate ramsey and jack?to d detriment of players like carzola,ozil and rosicky..why must we suffer?let Özil play in his CAM position,i know he roams frm d wings wneva he starts frm dre,bt dt gives d opposition a direct run at our LB…now coming back home,we have to face Cfc oct 4,we got liverpool,united,spurs…i cant even wrap my head around aw we wld turn out…other managers surely watch clips of our games,they know js wat dy need to do,even me as a fan witout a uefa coaching badge,i know wat to do to beat Afc! it too early to judge d team?maybe yes…is it too early to juge Wenger?no!we av lived with ds for so long…his decisions,selections and player bias gets under my skin…bt overall its OUR Arsenal…we stick with the team…like we av a…we did for 9yrs didnt we? talking to much sef,i js needed to let off some arsenal induced load in my dre it is!thanks Simon…you rock!

  5. Dozie

    Don’t know what Wenger thinks really I’m beginning to think he has shifted focus trying probably to prove a point he alone knows to himself… He doesn’t look like he has a plan denying obvious reality must ozil and Ramsey play ?
    Why are we unnecessarily sticking with players that at best are squad players but happens to be our first eleven…
    How Cazorla and rosicky aren’t playing is beyond me
    About our defense it’s an eye sore
    You know how I feel now is terminate Wenger’s coaching contract he’s tried but we have to know when to move on really he’s our greatest manager he shouldn’t undo what he’s done
    I know he’s a loyal man and likes showing faith in players but the stage we’re competing on is not where you show faith it demands ruthlessness and results not sticking to someone unproductive just because certain Aaron Ramsey came good

  6. Ross Tommey

    The issue is not “replace the manager.” The issue remains on the field. Yes we could/should have bought another CB – that wouldn’t have helped last night. Yes we could/should have bought a DM – that would have strengthened us last night without a shadow of a doubt. The problem last night was as a team we under performed. Is that the manager/coaches fault – to a degree. But the fact is that the team play the game; last night they didn’t. Whether it is set up correctly is a matter for the manager/coaches. In Europe 4-1-4-1 is only going to work if you have a “real” DM – that is not Arteta (that is not Khadira either!) We are at our best when we play 4-2-3-1 with Ozil as the 10 and pacey inside forwards providing some width. This either means sacrificing Arteta as the deeper lying of the “2” and playing Jack and Aaron or sacrificing one of these and playing the “captain”!

    Due to our “riches” in the AM/IF’s Santi and to a lesser extent Tomas will be used as impact players along with Lukas. This will be case with The Ox when Theo returns.

    We need to be returning to our strengths and playing 4-2-3-1 with Alexis-Ozil-The Ox as the “3”. The deeper lying “2” of Jack and Aaron (no Arteta) can then build the play rather than force it. This forced play is leaving the 2 CB’s dangerously exposed and cramping Ozil and Alexis.

    Ultimately playing 4-1-4-1 doesn’t promote the free-flowing interchanging “4” – it just doesn’t work! The area is too cramped and no-one is taking the responsibility of the central pivot. The defensive pivot is vulnerable especially when they are not a specialist at DM (aka Arteta or anyone in the side for that matter!)

    So get off the media/twitter moanathon about #WengerOut it ain’t gonna happen. We can discuss our Football Manager games and online expertise but that changes nothing. We, the fans, have one job – support the team win, loose or draw – no it isn’t easy being a fan but if you don’t like it go and watch Chavski if you feel the need for classlessness in your life. We are Arsenal!


      1. Ross Tommey

        None given in this quarter!

        Please note if you follow me on twitter and mention #WengerOut and you are going to get unfollowed – my twitter cull has been in full flow this week!

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