Prediction League Arsenal vs Hull .Lets Play!!

Final game of the prediction league today!!! BUZZZZZINGGG!!!!


Any of the current top 7 can still win it. Will @dr_odah maintain his lead? Will @brainysteppo pull it from right underneath him? Will @__Nagz outscore everyone above him? Will @ALLENO the silent one, silently steal this, or will @Olayinka321 repeat what was done to him last during the first half of the season when @dozieben2 stole it from him in the last weeks.

Whatever happens it sure will be interesting….  Current TOP 7 and anyone with a perfect score today gets 6 maximum points

myUsername Points
dr_odah 42
BrainySteppo 41
Nagz 39
Olayinka321 38
Asccheim 37
amoscp 37

See Current Predictions League Standings here

logo-new Best of luck guys.

Grading system

Correct Prediction (CP) –  Win, Draw or Loss – 2points

Perfect Prediction(PP)                   – 3 extra points

First Goal scorer (FGS)                   – 1 extra point


myUsername ARSENAL HULL_ FirstGoalScorer
victoriablings 3 0 Mesut Ozil
brainysteppo 3 1 Aaron Ramsey
nagz 2 0 Lukas Podolski
alleno 2 0 Lukas Podolski
Olayinka321 3 1 Olivier Giroud
asccheim 2 0 Olivier Giroud
amoscp 2 0 Aaron Ramsey
pheeqy 3 0 Olivier Giroud
seannieaiwo 3 0 Santi Cazorla
dr_odah 3 1 Olivier Giroud
agera4per 3 0 Lukas Podolski
chidiandy 2 0 Aaron Ramsey
heywhydoth 5 0 Aaron Ramsey
enigma106 3 0 Aaron Ramsey
nmdb 2 0 Aaron Ramsey
reallycrossross 5 0 Aaron Ramsey
dozieben2 3 0 Mesut Ozil
bizlinkcouples 3 1 Lukas Podolski
euren 2 0 Aaron Ramsey
LazyGENIUS 3 0 Lukas Podolski
heokike 3 1 Olivier Giroud

Have a great week guys!!! Lets see who nails it this week!!

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