MNF, Trends, Some Ramsey and ‘Pool

Quick post this morning …

Oh well, another Monday night game, I hate Monday night games to be honest, hardly ever get home in time for the kick off. Actually this is me whenever I look at an Arsenal premier league fixture and it’s not Saturday, 3pm.

morgan freeman

You would have to go back nearly 9 premier league games to find a Saturday fixture. Football is a high pressure sport for players and fans, and there is extra dose of pressure if you choose to support Arsenal.  For the players, it’s a job and you expect them to be focused and professional, however, I always feel there is some added pressure going out on a Monday night knowing all the results of your direct rivals and the thought of everyone expecting you to match it.

The win against Palace has done a lot to improve morale in the club and its fan base and I feel the subsequent losses by West Ham in their last two games in some distant way helps us compartmentalize our loss to them as a fluke defeat that happens to every team. Without underestimating Palace, its wins over teams like Liverpool that would really help cast away the ghosts of the West Ham loss. Liverpool might not be title contenders but a win over any team that has potential to finish in European places is always a nice have.

What would be nice to have also is 6 points out of a possible 9. 6 points would just be good enough to equal Liverpool but still leave us 1 point shy of a “Pedro-less” United. I think the target for Arsenal should be to get 25 points out of 30 (10 games into the season) which would propel us to challenge for the title . As I wrote in a post before the season started, ten games is a good time to start making projections about how a clubs season might pan out.

However, in our heavily opinionated world, especially in football, many have the tendency to make long term conclusions on short term events. We can all spot a trend from one game. One player has a bad game, “quick check- transfer window is still open”, draw up a list of possible replacements, select as much positive stats you can find about the player or players and start a trend on social media. Anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion is part of the problem of Arsenal. A club we all chose to follow, “chose” being the keyword being that as much we like to claim it; science has not proven that one’s love for a sporting team can be genetic.

To focus on the game a bit, the draw at Anfield last season was one of the hardest results to take for me last season, but we did well to take advantage of the early stages of their Raheem Sterling crisis to beat them at the Emirates, a feat I hope we repeat today. You can’t argue with their points haul so far but they really have been far from impressive considering the amount of investment in players the club continues to make. Their win at Stoke was so boring Jack Bauer could force a confession out of a terrorist by playing it; against Bournemouth, they won with a goal that shouldn’t have stood, so they too would have some fans to win over with this game.

With no new injury worries, (Thank You SHAD), we can expect Wenger to start the same team that started against Palace. While I would prefer either Ox or Theo to start on the right wing, the manager has shown to have a different opinion on who should play there. Reverting to our end of last season formation was what gave us the points at Palace and knowing Wenger, he would never attempt to fix something that isn’t broken. If my memory serves me well, the current run of Ramsey playing on the right, started with last seasons home game against Liverpool where his job was to stop Raheem Sterling’s runs down that side of the pitch. A job he did exceedingly well on the day. He always seems to do a good job against Liverpool and I hope he continues in that form today.

Remember this magnificent goal from two years ago? While you at it? Take some time to marvel at how Ozil draws all the players to himself that allows Ramsey to have the space for that shot. Phew, such class.

Am I the only one that gets irked with all these Coutinho and Ozil perpetual comparisms you constantly see on Twitter? Do we really have to get into all these RT and FAVs thing anytime one of them does something magnificent? Have to run now. Really busy day and week at work. Have some BSI auditors coming in to for a final stage certification project. Wish me luck!!

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