God Forgives, Gunners don’t: Villa vs Arsenal Preview

Hello Gooners, its Monday Night football for us today having watched the rest of the premier league teams play during the weekend and everybody who should win won. We always felt the referee would win a game or two and they didn’t disappoint as they showed in full force at the Man City vs Newcastle game.

We have not been immune from suffering in the hands of these men in the middle as we got the very first taste of what was to come in the hands of Anthony Taylor the match official on the day we played Villa. Do we really want to go down memory lane on how terrible the officiating on that day was? You can find a video on the featured video section on the homepage of our site should you be interested.

I will never forget the correct response to this statement ‘Let Sleeping Dogs ……..’ because as a child I remember failing that question in school instead of ‘lie’ I choose ‘get up and bark’ , how foolish. However today for the first time in my entire life I would be right. Sleeping Dogs won’t be left to lie, no they won’t! Today we are going to get up and bark, beat Villa silly in their own park , go home with the three points that belongs to us and leave their egos utterly deflated by the time we are done.  God might have forgiven Villa and referee Martin Taylor but Gunners and Gooners around the world haven’t, maybe after the game today when we have outscored them we just might.

Losing to Birmingham (Carling Cup Final), Bradford (Carling Cup) and BlackBurn (FA Cup) where very low points in recent history of any Arsenal Fan but I am not sure we have witnessed the amount of abuse and hatred for the club we all saw on social media and on every forum after that Villa game. The players were booed, the manager abused, Twitter went into a complete state of anarchy with Gooners raining all manner of abuse at the club. If only some of us could go read some of what we tweeted back then in August! Phew..How can we forgive Villa ? Most of the abuse the club suffered was however because we had not signed anyone and God answered many prayers when Ozil showed up in North London.

Ozil was quoted this week to have said when speaking to the folks at Arsenal Player,

You can see in the games, be that home or away, they are always there for us and get behind and support the team fervently for 90 minutes.

He sure wasn’t around when we played Villa, the venom he would have felt would have been worse than what he got in the hands of BFG when he was leaving the pitch at City.

So I have hardly written about the game in itself and that’s due to the fact that we know what we expect from the team today really. Everybody won so we have to go to Villa and do the business, get three points and return to status quo. Villa have won just one of their last 6 matches, have the worst home record in the league and Arsenal havenot lost there in about 15 years so all the stats point towards three points today and if we want to challenge for the title we cannot even entertain any other kind of result.

For Arsenal , we are still hurting from the injury suffered by Theo Walcott but Oxlade-Chamberlain makes a return to face the side where he suffered his lengthy injury against. More reason why we can’t forgive Villa however, we would expect the manager to continue with Serge Gnabry on the right after his excellent showing against Spurs last weekend. Podolski wasn’t used at the game so we should expect him to start from the left and Giroud has recovered from illness and should return. The manager is spoilt for options in the middle and its difficult predicting who Arsenal lines up these days in that position to play alongside Ozil. Vermealen hasn’t recovered from his injury and in any case we would expect Kos and BFG to play there and hopefully none of them picks up a knock.

So everyone expects Arsenal to win, Arsenal fans expect Arsenal to win, Arsenal expects Arsenal to win so I guess we have just one job to do then, go out there and win!

In some other news we have started out CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction league for the second half of the season and you can find have all the necessary information using the links below.  It promises to be a more exciting season so it’s something you should check out. Find out how to play you would have to read our post from yesterday.

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Have a great day and week at work , Interact with us on the comments section beneath on anything from letting sleeping dogs lie, to not forgiving Referees and whatever you want to waddle about or we can do it on Twitter @canoncrested. Follow us we always always follow back!

Until tomorrow when we have a review , keep the canons in your heart!


7 thoughts on “God Forgives, Gunners don’t: Villa vs Arsenal Preview

  1. nmdb

    The memories of that home match against villa were beginning to fade due to our sensational 1st half of the season,but playing them again has begun to open up old wounds. There should be no respite for villa today and i bope the players feel the same way.i hope we hand them a good ol’ trashing or dominate them before those ghost can be laid to rest.
    In other news,the EPL table is red
    And the premier league is…,…..CANNON CRESTED.

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Lol. good thing we aren’t the only ones who still hold a grudge against Villa. and as for your closure!

      what can we say?? it would take some serious undoing for anyone to better your closing comments. Hopefully the table stays that way till the end of the season

  2. Dozie

    Anthony Taylor also gave Liverpool a soft penalty yesterday…. continuing his run of form although he wont be fit to start for villa today lols …. it’s payback time

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Did not watch the Liverpool game Dozie, but i learnt he did it again. The referees this season have been everything but good. The further he stays away from Arsenal games the better, then again aren’t they all making mistakes?

  3. nmdb

    You know,for a league widely considered the best in the world,the refereeing standards are a disgrace.schoolboy errors are common place,ranging from liverpools penalty to cheikh tiote’s disallowed goal. Hopefully though,by the end of tonights game we will all be walking home from the pub screaming at the top of our lungs


    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Tweeted yesterday that the league title might just be decided by the referees association…that is how poor they have been……and thank you for giving me the intro to my game review tomorrow when we win…..



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