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Luis Suarez looked helpless and frustrated as he watched Arsenal dominate his side on Saturday. Even yesterday, after the game yesterday, Dortmund players looked on as we celebrated with our traveling fans after the game with huge envy in their eyes, the tide is changing, the joker is firmly in our hands and we sure are playing it well.

In a confident display during the Liverpool game, Arsenal’s class shone brightly. Every area of the team seemed strong. The centre-backs were solid, the midfield was creative and the attack was clinical.Liverpool looked more reliant on their new strike partnership than ever. Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have been impressive this season but feeding them the ball and watching them do the rest won’t work every time. The ‘SAS’ acronym makes me laugh at times…my mind always wander to the British Military Regiment during the World War II anytime, or the Scandinavian Airlines Aircraft anytime I see or hear the term.


Suarez was a class above his team mates and is probably the only player who would make the starting line-up in the opposing Gunners team. Arsenal bullied Liverpool off the pitch, laughing at their prospective title credentials. Now they need to compound that dominance and force Liverpool to sell their best player to them in January.

We have the funds. We now have the ambition. We have the ‘fear factor’. We know Suarez still wants to leave…hell…even Gerrard has voiced out his concern about the attitude of Suarez and he admits that the Liverpool striker might leave even before the summer window. Morality doesn’t even come into it. Wenger can’t worry about hurting Liverpool’s feelings by trying to unsettle the Uruguayan once again but this time, the boss shouldn’t kid himself with such cartoonish bids for him. He is worth more than £40million + 1.

This doesn’t apply to only Suarez. Other various targets Wenger has identified should be approached with genuine interest. Even if bids for these players are cancelled, it will make a statement of our intent this season and seasons to come. We want to be winners and to do that we need to start bullying teams on and off the field. We’ve displayed our dominance over Liverpool and shown Suarez that he has a better chance of winning trophies at the Emirates. He’ll no doubt still love to join Arsenal, he only needs the incentive to kick up a real fuss and if the bid fails, so what? Then Arsenal still have £50m+ to reinvest elsewhere.

But Arsenal must not stagnate like many of their opponents are doing. They must take advantage of their newfound dominance and go for the jugular. Signing Suarez will set them head and shoulders above the rest. Also, key personnel in the team should have their contracts extended. If we can give Flamini a 2-year contract, I see no reason why Sagna and Rosicky should get anything less than that.

Finally, Wenger needs to extend his contract immediately. It will give the team confidence to keep up the good work. We now have a winning mentality and any small crack, even mentally, can disrupt the team.


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