Fan of the Week – Wandulu Levi (@LeviTheGooner)

Welcome to our Fanzone page…A page totally dedicated to Gooners worldwide, as a culture at CanonCrested we are fans like you ansd would celebrate one gooner every week on this page…Here goes, meet our Second CanonCrested Arsenal Fan. Wandulu Levi, our Kenyan born, Ugandan Living Gooner!!

Fan Profile

I’m a 23 year old Ugandan student. I love studying, watching Arsenal games,  talking about The Arsenal, tweeting, and playing football.

My family and religion (Christian) always come first.

Q.      When did you start supporting the club.

A.     2000.                                                                                                                                                            

IMG_20130815_133231Q.      What attracted you to the club.

A.      Beautiful football from Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry.
Q.      Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player

A.      Thierry Henry
Q.      Who is your current favourite player in the team

A.      Thomas Rosicky.
Q.      Your worst Arsenal signing.

A.      Sebastian Squillaci
Q.      Have you ever watched a game live?

A.      No I haven’t.
Q.      If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?

A.     Arsenal Vs Tottenham (NLD).

Q.      Are you an AKB ,WOB, AWB

A.     Arsene Wenger Brigade (AWB)
Q.      Do you know any Arsenal Fan songs? If you do which is your favourite?

A.      Yes I have.
                                            “We love you arsenal, we do
                                              We love you arsenal, we do
                                              We love you arsenal, we do
                                              Ohhh Arsenal we love you!!”
Q.  Do you prefer to watch your Arsenal games alone or with people.

A. I prefer watching Arsenal games with people.
Q.  Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals.

A.  I prefer team worked goals.
Q.  If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?

A.  Tottenham (Spuds)

There you go. Kindly follow Levi, (@LeviTheGooner). If you would like to be on our Fan of The Week page, follow us @CanonCrested .



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