Embarrassing, Interesting or Disaster!!!

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Note: For now and future reference, I will remain me while Andy, Arselord, Toby, Dammy, Maazi & Xeus are my alter egos.

Truth is, a lot of times, I forget who I really am. These guys really mess me up. All of them, while vying to be heard, claim to know it all. But, here I am, a day before real football starts and they all go missing. Nobody has anything to say today of all days. Arsenal has shut my alter egos up which, if I might add, is not an easy thing to do. Even when I asked a direct question, they all remained mute. Arsenal did this to them. Andy somehow manages a weak response when i try to force the issue. He says we’ll finish 3rd. “why?”, I ask. “just pure instincts”, the response. Xeus, before his new found silence, had been the most vocal moaner predicting doom for us. I don’t think he’s wrong. Infact, his moaning is very justified. Arsenal’s transfer business this summer has been nothing short of appalling. 3 months!! 3 whole months and we are 17 players lighter with only Yaya Sanogo to show for it. That isn’t stuff of champions league contenders let alone title winners.

yaya sanogo


Receipt for loss of 17players…Yaya Sanogo



Wenger still manages somehow to say we’ve got 18 days remaining for transfers(true), and that that is a lot of time(not true). The reasonable you would ask how 18 days is a lot of time when 90 days isn’t. Please, don’t try to understand Wenger’s mind, that is how I wrecked my head. I defend him when I’m with the WOBs and totally destroy him when I’m with the AKBs. A bona fide mess is what I am.
Now, as much as I think Xeus’ moaning is justifiable, his pessimism is not welcome. We are due one season without an injury crisis. I feel we will challenge for the title. That said, Luis Suarez is a major component of that feeling. I shall not dwell on that now only because said player isn’t an Arsenal player, yet.
I really should continue writing but everybody in my head seems to have woken up and hence want to voice their opinion. I can’t think with so much noise up there. Even Maazi, the resident quiet boy has something to say. This should interesting. Trust me, I’ll spill all next time I drop by. But until then, toodles.


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