CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction League Table…



myUsername Points
dr_odah 42
BrainySteppo 41
Nagz 39
Olayinka321 38
Asccheim 37
amoscp 37
pheeqy 36
seannieaiwo 34
heokike 33
agera4per 32
VictoriaBlings 32
Heywhydoth 30
Chike_9ja 29
enigma106 28
nmdb 25
Reallycrossross 24
dozieben2 24
obisingledigit 23
agbdgreat 23
bolz 22
goonerdan19 21
ThaBigSize 21
bizlinkcouples 20
CzarArchie 19
jayjosh90 18
euren 17
chidiandy 14
Edogasz 13
kolejay 12
ThaYungWun 11
Idowuladi 11
kingcossy 8
radioactivist 8
kingsd2 7


Being a Gooner should be fun.Until the next game when we have another exciting prediction opportunity. Keep the Canons in your heart.

9 thoughts on “CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction League Table…

  1. dozie

    So olayinka u predicted Giroud to score? Thought u neva saw anything gud in him? No yab d guy if u wan dey predict am lols

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      I am thinking of setting a program to ban Yinka from earning points should Giroud ever score first and he predicts him

  2. Yung Wun

    I knew we couldn’t beat Chelsea, what I didn’t see coming was 6 unreplied goals. The biggest blow of the decade will be not winning any of the 2 FA cup games left. Let me not even say anything else.

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Congrats on your 2 points gained. I cant even fathom the thought of us not winning the cup.

  3. Dozie

    We must win that FA cup if not its a colossal failure and I sense if that happens wenger might just walk away

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