Arsenal,more tests amidst transfer rumours.

Bosses always tell you the price for doing great work is more work and that’s what The Arsenal have to do now heading into a new month of top games. Pundits were quick to say our credentials would be judged after our performances in November , we pass the ‘tests’ in flying colours but are they falling over themselves now to label us title contenders? Nope! After the win at Cardiff, it seems Arsenal fans decided to go all out on Michael Owen via twitter on his @michaelowen handle due his earlier stated position that Arsenal wouldn’t even finish in the top four. Seemed it really got to him and he tweeted this much later.

Personally don’t care what Michael Owen thinks, the fact that you are an ex-footballer with a mic to your mouth doesn’t suddenly make you brilliant. Actually Michael stopped being brilliant at anything football since he left Liverpool and that’s a heck of a long time ago. This is a man who at 29years had to make a 32 paged brochure to advertise his availability to clubs after he couldn’t get anyone to sign him when his contract at Newcastle ended and he got United to fall it, can’t be bothered really.

In any case, seems the pundits have moved on to another set of tests for us to prove if we are fit to be given the all so glorious footballing phrase ‘Title Contenders’ . In December we play Everton, Man City and Chelsea, tough games but after everything we have showed this season if anyone doesn’t acknowledge that this set of players have it in them to contend for the title, there is little we can do about it but keep on putting on the performances that would keep us within reach come March. The truth actually is that every game is a test and grouping games together to make the task of winning them seem harder isn’t the way to go. How about we do some more groupings

February:  We play Liverpool and Man United back to back weekends and who knows who we might get in the Champions league

March: We play Swansea, Spurs, Chelsea and Man City (we might still have Champions league football)

March sure seems scary right? Tired of all these pundits who keep going ‘let’s see how they get through a particular month before we can call them contenders’. There is no month that is easy, brush up your punditry and call it as it is? I was watching Fanzone after the win on Saturday and Leroy popular for dismissing Arsenals title worthiness goes ‘ if they hang in there till march then I can call them contenders’. Seriously, if we are still in the mix in March we wouldn’t need you to call us contenders, the table shows everyone with half a brain we are contenders.

Moving on though seems the rumour mill is out again and everyone wants to link Arsenal with a striker, and judging from the headlines you would think all these newspapers got a faxed copy of the loan deal


morata.jpg morataGoogle Arsenal and Morata and you would see the strong adjectives used in their headlines,’agrees’, ‘seals’, ‘signed’ no one even went with a subtle ‘Arsenal enquires about’, oh well that is what we get with modern day journalism and the craze to be the first to release a story, one paper writes something they think it’s about to happen and then everyone joins in writing cover stories based on it. Wenger during the press conference for the game against Hull in response to the Morata story said

Wenger said: ‘There is no truth in that. That is all I can say. I have not been in touch with them.’

I suppose that puts it to bed right? Or can we believe Wenger? To be honest though I wouldn’t mind Morata at the club, watched him a few times and he seems a good player and he is very well loved by the Madrid fans and they sometimes sing his name to be brought on when they are having one of their digs at Benzema. It is hard to get any top quality player in January so a deal for a young talent looking to make a name for himself might not be a bad idea. There is some talk about Pato, good player but doesn’t seem to have any luck with injuries and we honestly have more than our hands can handle now, we don’t need another another Yaya Sanogo.

Wenger’s dealings in the transfer market should have thought us a thing or two, if you go by transfer headlines we would have had Yann M’Villa , Nuri Sahin, Gonzalo Higuain, Bernard etc in our team by now. We might not find another Ozil in January but if we can get a Yossi Benayoun attitude kind of player to do a job for us , I’ll gladly have him.

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We play Hull next and we might have a preview of the game up soon, thanks for reading. Have yourself a great day. Until next time, peace out


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