Arsenal: Same Script, Same Cast, Same Result

We have a predictions league we run on our site and every Arsenal game folks on the league visit the site to predict the score of the game and they earn points weekly based on the real life results. You can check it here, CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction League;For the game against Chelsea we had 26 predictions, 20 of players predicted an Arsenal win and even though their views might be hugely blinded by their love for the club but a more incisive look at the predictions and one would see that all the scorelines predicted where close. No one expected the mauling we received and mauling is for lack of a better adjective.

How Arsenal can make a 90 minute game a mountain to climb after just 10 minutes beats any form of reasoning. I don’t think it’s possible for the human brain to comprehend how we do it. Please if you find any writing that can explain it please point me in that direction so I can read and learn. It’s just sad that one spends a whole week waiting for a game. You think about it, play it in your head over and over again, tweet about it, listen to podcasts talk about it, engage in banter all week with the opposing fans, follow the managers press conference for any injury news, for bloggers we blog about it, My God!! It’s hard and then the team collapses in 10minutes and is 4 goals down by half time and you can’t even see effort. It’s hard to take I tell you, its bloddy hard to take.

Same Script

You do the same thing every time; you can’t expect a different result. Hate Mou as much as we want but I am pretty certain he is the best with setting up his team to get a result he wants to get. Immediately I saw Matic and Luiz in the middle against our Oxlade, Cazorla and Arteta it looked a lost midfield battle to me already. The effect of that setup was very easy to see immediately the game began and we could not keep the ball for up to 60secs. They put instant pressure on us and Gibbs and Oxlade kept giving the ball away and by ten minutes we were 2 goals down.

Any team missing players with the quality of Ramsey and Ozil in its midfield would suffer but the onus lies with the manager to pick a team that can get a result per game. Wenger might change personnel but he won’t change the set up of his team with respect to his opponent. We are not going to boss everyone, we are not going to keep the ball against every team and force them to play our way, we can do that against small teams and get away with it but when we come up against teams that have quality we will be exposed and we have been severally this season.

Wenger is a huge believer in his opinions and that has its positives and negatives but he has to admit that this perpetual 4-5-1 set up or 4-2-3-1 variant that we play always makes him predictable and easy to plan against. So we start a game with his preferred 4-5-1 and he sees it’s not working at what point does he change. That is the hallmark of Fergie, the man was perfect with reacting to how the game was moving. I struggle to remember Wenger ever change the system of play during a game except when he is throwing in defenders to keep a lead at end of a game. When was the last time we started a game with two strikers? Or even had 2 strikers on the pitch at the same time; Last I can remember was when Bendtner came in against United and Giroud was still on I presume. Huge fan of Arteta but I expected Flamini to start this game because of the intensity that we all know Chelsea can bring, I wouldn’t have minded a ‘Flamteta’ arrangement for once at least to contain Chelsea until we decide to chase the game much later.

Same Cast

Injury meant the number of players available for selection was limited and we have already talked about the Flamini-Arteta angle but the side Wenger put out there had no right to collapse the way they did. I don’t believe anyone that was on that pitch yesterday didn’t want to win in their hearts but they did not translate that to any form of action on the pitch.

Gibbs was awful before he was wrongly sent off and I think his performance yesterday has really ruled him out of any England call up soon with Baines and Luke Shaw far ahead of him. Then again you can’t trust the English after all Cleverly is in that team. Oxlade couldn’t find any form of rhythm, Arteta provided no shield, the defending was shambolic and our line so high Chelsea were nearly clean on goal twice before they got their first goal.

The first goal came from a swift counter attack after a Giroud miss. Giroud, Giroud, Giroud ….would the game have been a different encounter if he had put in his chance early on? Definitely, at least Chelsea would have been kicking off from the centre circle with all our players back instead of them running back chasing a counter attack. I have been a strong supporter of Giroud as I feel the burden on him to perform week in week out due largely to the fact that he is the only striker the club is huge but he has really broken my elastic limit now. He hardly got any support yesterday which meant he had to be clinical with the few that fell to him. Sadly that’s an adjective that doesn’t describe Giroud……’CLINICAL’.

No need moaning about the transfer window now, we have all of June and July to do that.

Same Result


I really don’t want to think there is something wrong with how we prepare for lunch time kick offs against big sides but the stats seems to indicate otherwise. If Wenger keeps setting up his team in this one dimensional manner that makes it easy for opposing managers of quality teams to plan against I fear we are in for more of this.  Happens once , it can be a one off, twice a bloody coincidence but three times, cam on something is wrong and it’s his job to figure that out.

The only good thing is that we have a game on really soon and a good performance against Swansea on Tuesday would help make forgetting this mauling easier. Imagine you get beat 6-0 and you take that into an international break, now that is pain. As much as it hurts we all forget very quickly in football and an even better performance against City is still possible and should we get maximum points from our next three games the tide can very well swing back into Wengers favour.

You can read here how I usually spend my week with football a huge part of it I am not addicted to football, but I guess this week would be a good week to just stay clear from any sporting related subject. Hope you have  a great week after all football is just a game or is it?

Keep the Canons in your hearts.

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29 thoughts on “Arsenal: Same Script, Same Cast, Same Result

  1. Yung Wun

    Things are going from bad to worse. I haven’t been embarrassed as I was today in a while now. We were about 3 different people at a bar putting on our Arsenal jerseys in the midst of over 200 people that came to watch the match & have drinks too.
    Felt like an apocalypse.

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Was at a birthday party and I wanted to sink with lower into my seat with every goal scored. I couldn’t even watch the last 2 and haven’t till now.

  2. Uscar

    This article just sums up everything… But decimated, capitulated and destroyed can be used ALL TOGETHER rather than mauling… It was devastating.. I cried and the last time I cried was when we lost 4-0 Milan… I cried and I don’t want to cry again!

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Lol. Individually those adjectives are worse than mauling and you use them together…..dammit!! you must have been pained. The defeat at Milan was bad but I think my worst was the Loss to Bradford Carling Cup

  3. Olayinka

    Lmaooo!!!ds comments js made me laff!…Yung and Uscar…my brothers…I feel ur pains o..I’m still in bed thinking abt d game till I read d comments u guys made….
    Ok,let me go into d game gan gan…Simon,dres really notin else to say u av done justice to d game,frm aving to wwait a week to d 1st 10mins…like u said we can all hate Mou as much as we like bt u must accept d man is in tune wit d modern day football…I av always said ds: Wenger doesn’t show any respect to our opponents,whether big or small…js look at mou’s team yday,he cld av gone for lampard instead of he knew he had to pay some respect to us,he went wit TWO DMs(Matic and Luiz)..meaning ‘cut all supplies frm d middle’..I was almost 100%sure Flamini wld start dt match,I saw team list I was shocked!..tell me d last time Arteta shielded d back four well against a BIG team?we all know Flamini is our ‘pitbull’ he dint make d 1st eleven only Wenger knows…Giroud?..lool…just loool!!..I’m glad to see Simon has a limit to which he can take all d tins giroud does,u can see I don’t js despise him for no reason,it js took u alil longer to see(cos u hoped for d best in him,I don’t blame u bro)..he had a chance seconds b4 d eto’o goal..on his fav leg..God!make d keeper work wat do we get?same old story of Zero passion,Zero purpose frm him(which by d way has been his hallmark since he came to arsenal)..Giroud is a Spurs material…its a shame,almost a disgrace(actually its a disgrace sef) to see him on d red+white jersey!..we don’t av a choice now bt to pray d transfer window comes asap…I also insist dt we wld av had a certain Suarez on our team if we went in wit 55m instead of d ridiculous 40,000,001..forget anytin JW Henry said!..we must learn to bully teams while we can,now dres no way we wld get Suarez…we need to search for sum1 else and let Giroud LEAVE Arsenal!

  4. YungWun

    Yinka, Simon! Honestly we’ve been in denial for too long. I’m still trying my best, believe me when I say this, not to dislike Wenger & totally forget about all he achieved in the first half of his reign at Arsenal. Same Luiz/Matic combination Mourinho used against an indomitable Manchester City team worked for him and he got a well deserved result, why won’t it work without even breaking a sweat on a team like our dear Arsenal that always perform woefully, let me spell in Capital, WOEFULLY when it comes to playing against big teams? Ruthless Flamini should have started that game, c’mon! We were playing a physical Chelsea side. My only concern right now, I’m very sure I’m also speaking for every Arsenal fan in the Milky Way/Galaxy, is winning every game in the FA Cup competition because if we don’t, to me that’ll be even worse than the hurricane that swept anybody that supports or has anything to do with Arsenal at Chelsea. I’ll have to finally admit to myself that Arsenal are no more a serious football club & there’s absolutely no point still believing Wenger can bring back our best days.

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Sad part is there is no Arsenal fan that doesnt want to see Wenger succeed. when he does this stuff he does it makes it a whole harder for those of us that still support him to even have a say. The results speak for themselves

  5. Dozie

    Wenger’s attitude of not adjusting to certain games killed our season how can artetha start ahead of flamini? Seriously they whole team isn’t ready for football at the top level we need to get a strong DM to work with flamini we’ve had enough of artetha… Giroud has failed should leave for ligue 1 gutted was a disgusting yesterday

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      This team led the league for a large part of the season, why the crumble at the sight a direct rival is something Wenger needs to address. They are not as bad as the results show honestly

    2. Olayinka

      Wow!!!…I neva tot ds day wld come…to see both Simon and Dozie agree wit me on ds Giroud issue….at ds point I wld say,it is clear to u guys wht I av been saying frm day1 of ds season…we r stuck wt him till d end of ds season,I pray and hopes he moves on,I prefer not to av a striker dn to av him..Giroud has truly messed us up ds season

  6. Ahmad

    Weepin! Stil weepin! Cudnt go out until it was dark. Knock on my door bt cudnt open…I wish we had nt play d match. Wud av apreci8 a work over to dat decimated capitilated and destroy match.

  7. Ahmad

    Weepin! Stil weepin insyd!kept hauntin me despite d fact dat I didn’t watch it. Cudnt go out until it was dark. Several Knock on my door bt cudnt open…I wish we had nt play d match. Wud av apreci8 a work over to dat decimated capitilated and destroy match.

  8. N

    First time on here. I think we need to tell ourselves some hard truths.
    1. We still have not yet arrived. Our pseudo lead at the top of the table earlier this season was maintained because we faced mostly lower table teams. We have not beaten any top 4 team except Liverpool when we were on a high, and they repaid us in folds.

    2. We are still short skill wise. It’s hard not to admire what Arsene has put together in the last few years despite our inability to compete, but we still need 3-4 world class players to get to the invincibles’ quality.

    3. Even skill alone is not enough: perhaps our biggest problem has been out mentality and you wonder if the team doesnt derive it from Wenger himself. Too polite, too professional, too optimistic. If you saw Moaninho and Wenger’s press conferences prior to the game, their teams’ performances afterwards mirrored exactly that! Chelsea knew Arsenal not only wanted to give AW a befitting thousandth, but also had a chance to break 2 records, that was enough motivation for them. Mind games do work! The players didn’t let Mou’s words about failure come back to haunt him. We concede 2 goals and lay down wailing the rest of the game. I hope those stupid boys had enough guts to watch the el classico yday. I doubt if Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil and/or Wilshere would/could have changed anything individually or collectively. We all failed together so lets forget the injury argument. Mentality plays a huge part in the game. It explains why we dominated Spurs this season and not Manu even though the former have come closer to us in recent years (we genuinely believe we are better than them) and even though the latter have stumbled this season (we still dread them and feel we arent food enough).

    Anyway, the game was a reality check for me. And I sincerely hope that’s how Wenger sees it too. Lets motivate ourselves with the FA, Spend that money over summer and revisit this topic next season.

    A demain folks, and sorry for the loooong post! 🙂

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Welcome Niyi.
      Hard to differ with you on any of the items your wonderfully itemized but I dont think we can dismiss our early season form on the basis of the teams we played, in seasons past we would have faltered to some of those teams very easily but we put up a string of very strong professional performances to keep us on top.
      Agree with you on the mental shackle and only Wenger can break it. Noticed you linked Wenger with spending in the summer. Means you still want him around.
      No apologies required for length of comment though. A certain @olayinka posts longer

        1. SimonSEEZ Post author

          To be fair to the players, usually we are out of EPL contention by November, this season we pushed it till Jan and even now should we win tonight we would just be 4 points behind leaders. We really need to up our game against the top sides cant argue against that. The whole structure of the club is built to suit Wenger, no one questions anything he does on the pitch? Who can? Gazidis? Silent Stan? Really deep lying issues that needs to be addressed and fast.

      1. Olayinka

        Lmaoooo…..Simon!!!! U had to go dre shey…heheheh…u know im quiet naa…but wn i talk,i js let it go…..
        Nasty Baba…boss of all bosses….i hail thee…i agree 101% wit d points u dropped…im not a party to the wenger must go party (yet) mehn…i dont blame d ones dt av moved to d other side…we all av diff limits to which we can accomodate tins…as for me,i wld js av to focus on d FA cup…i think im done wit d EPL ds season…:(….its good to av u here Niyi…..

  9. N

    You are right, some of those teams would have beaten us in the past e.g. the villa curtain opener. Still, i would say our pattern this season is not that much different to past seasons, we either blow hot then cold, or cold then hot. Rooney was right afterall when he made the now cliché “let’s see where they stand in March” comment. Ozil and Ramsey were the big factors then but the season is 8 months long and quite frankly we are expected to beat the smaller twams anyway. The bigger games as we can see so far have decided top 4 spots and the title will ultimately be decided in the remainder of those big games this season. On that front, we have failed miserably. And yes, am not on the Wenger-must-go wagon just yet :). I think with an a-la-Suarez striker and one/two more big players, we are very close. Plus, for all Arsene has done for us, i think he deserves at least one more title before he bows out. Lets hope the players can play for him next season….

  10. Dozie

    After watching Swansea game I think wenger has lost it and should just walk away after this season ends… how can he allow his team defend after scoring the 2nd goal… you might argue he didn’t score the own goal but why relax after taking the lead!? Wenger is the only human being that thinks Giroud and artetha should be playing for arsenal.. wenger should honorably quit his has lost what it takes to win as much as I’d hate to admit I think mourinho was right anyways

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      You are certain he instructed them to defend? I dont think he did, it just went with the flow of the game and if the team had defended and we won it wouldnt have been an issue. So I think its unfair criticism of the manager

      1. dozie

        We scored by 74th min… I watched our team drop bk into our half and the manager didn’t see its risky to let swansea hav d ball? Why not issue instructions from d sidelines.. All he jus does is sit and watch… I’m very disappointed wit d team attitude n d manager too

    2. Olayinka

      Lmaoooooooo!!!!! Dozie is well and truly pissed off..,.and its totally undastandable…i share ur tots bro…Wenger has truly been caught up in some kinda hold-up in stone-age tactics…aw he keeps using same tactics for d cardiffs and bayerns of ds world…but i dont think its time for Wenger to go sha…as for Giroud,good Lord…lets js be looking cos i am tired and fedup….also hrd Sagna myt be going to City..wat manner of nonsense is ds?why do we always wait till d last yr in our player’s contract?administrative incompetence?..let me js stop here..b4 my anger sets in again

      1. dozie

        Saw d sagna to city thing … Well that wud b bad fo sagna to cos he can’t bench zabeleta so let’s assume sagna wud rot in bench if hE makes such move .. as fo AW I think his bn unable to adjust to modern game is a real issue

  11. N

    Looking at the current state of the table, looks like our next 3 games will determine everything this season. I don’t see Everton grabbing 4th as they still have some tricky fixtures even if they beat us away, which is a very real possibility with our chicken motivation right now. An implosion against Wigan will kill it for everyone and night be the very and only thing standing bayern Wenger going or staying right now. City will thrash us this weekend, guaranteed. They have more at stake and I frankly prefer them to win than Moaninho or Liverpool. Other than that, if we get our acts together, the remaining games after our next three are winnable and I will still consider this season an “improvement” if we bottle a UCL spot and get the FA cup. Next season is an entirely different story. But really, hard not to think of what might have been had we not picked up so many injuries. I always maintained the team lost the big drubbings as a unit but there are those games like Swansea, Stoke, Southampton and Everton at home that u feel a Walcott here, a Ramsey there, an Ozil/Ramsey would have made a difference. What did u guys think of Kim K’s few minutes on the pitch. He looked like one of the very few players on the pitch to me, alongside Gibbs and Poldi.

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