Arsenal: Pretty Un-Pretty Performance

Besiktas were not meant to be an easy side and they proved just that, caught the game when it was almost 30 minutes in so I just watched the Demba Ba strike on from the centre circle just after kick off. I think it’s just been honest to say we were slightly lucky to come out of Turkey with a draw. It was a pretty even game but they had more clear cut chances to seal the game. A draw away is not so bad, sad part is we don’t have enough time to recover from such an un-pretty performance.

The performance largely was not helped by the state of the pitch, and while some quarters might say both teams played on the same pitch, the home team play on it every weekend and have a better grasp of their pot-holed pitch. For someone like Arsene who knows the name of every blade of grass at the Emirates, preparing a team to play on a pitch like this should involve maybe going to train at Stamford Bridge. Have you seen the Chavs pitch at winter? It’s like a puddle of mud.

Very few things are worse than the Besiktas pitch to be honest, you can have your fill trying to name yours but this are my top six.

  1. Boiling Irish Potatoes (This has to be a sin)
  2. Maroune Chamakh’s hairdo
  3. The sight of John Terry
  4. Jose Mourinho’s bus
  5. Roberto Soldado’s goal scoring ability
  6. Any Spurs player smiling

To more serious things, defensively even though we were caught out a few times we were solid. The only established Arsenal player in defence was Koscienly. The defence line of Debuchy, Chambers, Kos and Monreal have never started a game together and it was pretty evident to see especially when they tried to defend high up. Chambers was outstanding yet again bar a slip in the second half that almost let Demba Ba through. While some are quick to see the Tony Adams in him, I would rather go with Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane, young, solid and a massive future ahead of him.

This was not a game we even played with the proverbial handbrake on, we went for it but everything that happened in front of goal fell to a very poor Giroud. He wasn’t only not doing anything to help his team mates, he was in the way of everything good we tried to do. I lost count of how many attacks ended once Giroud got involved. For a player that divides so much opinion, he is not doing much to help his cause.

No football fan really expects that players who represented their countries at the World Cup would come back firing on all cylinders but to come back so out of shape has to be extremely unprofessional. Yes you deserve a rest, but to come back to a sports team running around like you have a truck load of cement on your neck just shows that you are very comfortable. If as a footballer you feel your position is threatened you will not return to a football club in the shape that he is in. He makes it really hard for the few of us who think he still deserves to wear an Arsenal shirt.

The whole team struggled for any form of cohesion and the manager has his work cut for him against an Everton side that would have had one week preparation time for the game on Saturday. With the jet lag from travelling, the game itself and the required rest needed, the manager would have just 2 days to prepare the team for Everton.

As highlighted in several posts on this blog, squad management is key to success this season. If Giroud needs extra gym work to get ready, let him go and have it. I would rather have Oxlade on the right, Sanchez on the left and Campbell in the middle against Everton rather than another tired performance from Giroud against a well-built Everton side.

There seems to be an indication that Arteta’s injury is bad and he might be out for a while. That leaves us with just Yellow Card friendly Flamini as an option in Defensive Midfield, should he get a red, which is never a distant possibility with him then we might have to draft Jack Wilshere to that position. Remember the 6 things I listed that are worse than the Beskitas pitch? Those 6 things are actually better than Jack Wilshere in defensive midfield. Did we fail to win the game yesterday because we didn’t have a top class defensive midfielder? I don’t think so, but we would start losing games if do not do something to fix it sooner than later.

Work starts now, we are not out of the competition yet and I feel we would still qualify so no need crying over milk that hasn’t been spilt. Have a nice day Gooners!!!

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal: Pretty Un-Pretty Performance

  1. Olayinka

    I do not need too say anything,you have said it all!especially on the Giroud issue..I’m just tired

  2. paxziano

    Like I sed, giroud cannot b among the top 2 strikers in any of the top 3 clubs in the top 4 leagues in the world

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      I just did a mental check of the top four league England, Spain, German and Italian, I think Giroud can get into the 3rd team in Germany and Italy. He is a french international remember. 🙂

  3. Olayinka

    I do not need to say anything,you have said it all!especially on the Giroud issue..I’m just tired….its last season all over again….now Arteta is out,I hope Wenger won’t throw Coq on us…I hope we get some kinda competition for Giroud

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      The thing with Giroud is that he scores against Small teams. You can be certain he would get at least 18 goals this season. Question is, who is he getting them against. I’m not saying that scoring against weaker opposition is less important but we really might start looking for someone who can do it in the big stage. Him and Sanogo don’t fit that bill..

  4. paxziano

    Wud spare sanogo. He’s still learnin his trade. But I don’t feel he’s a worthy back up. As for Giroud, hmmm. Don’t wanna start breakin it down but in germany, ders no *consistent 3rd team*. But take an average of the top striker in the team dat has come 3rd in the last 3 seasons. Do the same for italy. @simon. Its not abt scoring against the big teams. Ask Suarez (and C.Ronaldo in his early days). To win the league, u have to beat the small teams. The big teams can drop points against demselves. What rained on chelsea’s parade last season (thank God) was dat dey wer inconsistent to an extent with the small teams. They took the most points in the battle of the big teams.

  5. Suraj

    Why isn’t anyone thinking about chambers being played as a cdm once we have per back.. I bet he would perform better than many DM’s around.

    1. SimonSEEZ Post author

      Hi Suraj, when we signed him, CDM was one of the positions it was rumoured he could play in. The boy surely has slotted in well in the defense and I would be very willing to try him out as CDM too. He seems to pass the ball very well too. However, i feel we need to buy someone for one of those roles rather than rely on him to deputize for both…what do you think?

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